Verskiende Ster - Hykie Berg

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‘Verskietende Ster’ tells the story of musical prodigy Phillip Schuman, a talented 15-year-old pianist whose genius is threatened by weight of the world.

When his high school subject advisor Max du Toit sees him performing one of his own compositions, he immediately recognises that the boy has the talent to become a modern-day Beethoven. He takes Phillip under his wing but soon realises that things are not going to be as easy as he might have thought.

Maria Schuman, Phillip’s beautiful and deeply religious mother, has died of cancer, leaving behind Phillip and his father Tomas. Tomas is mourning the death of his beautiful wife Maria, herself a pianist, and forbids Phillip from ever touching a piano again. What follows is a true life drama about the conflicted relationship between a boy and his father.

Between his father, the school bully who makes his life a misery, the teacher who drives him to play, ad the girl he is in love with at school, Phillip is having a difficult time. When he finally feels that he has had enough and stands up for himself, he lands up in the principal’s office, leading to even more troubles for the young man, especially when Mr Taylor notices an enormous bruise on Phillip’s body.

Dorothy Smit, the school’s social workers, talks to the young man about the loss of his mother, his school marks, his friends, and his love for music. It’s during this discussion that Phillip describes what happened on the odd occasions when his father discovers him playing the piano which is kept locked, and Tomas’s explosive rage. Phillip also tells her about a secret – how he went to visit Max at his home.

When Tomas eventually loses all control, beating Philip with a cricket bat until he loses consciousness, the story takes an unexpected turn in which Tomas’s past is exposed, revealing a shocking truth. Phillip is forced to choose between forgiveness and living in the past.

‘Verskietende Ster’ is not just a film that investigates how people are born with talent for a reason, but also an inspirational tale about the power of compassion and forgiveness. It’s a true father-and-son tale that promises to move its audience profoundly.
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