Children Act - Emma Thompson

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Fiona Maye is intensely dedicated to her profession, never finding time to have her own children while fully assuming the immense responsibility of making life-and-death decisions about the children of others. As Fiona is about to embark on one of the most challenging cases of her career, Jack her neglected and increasingly frustrated husband, makes a shocking revelation, sending her into an emotional tailspin.
The case in question concerns seventeen-year-old Adam, a Jehovah’s Witness suffering from leukemia, whose life could be saved by a simple blood transfusion, but who is refusing on religious grounds. Though just months shy of his eighteenth birthday, when he could legally choose for himself, Adam’s fate instead rests with Fiona, who, uncertain in her decision, makes the unusual move of leaving her courtroom to visit Adam’s hospital bedside.

Their encounter forges a profound and unexpected connection, leading them both to challenge their beliefs, evaluate their choices, and grapple with the ultimate question of what constitutes right and wrong.
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